Filesystem Layout

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The following describes the filesystem layout of CRIISTAL.

Generated Files

Sohatex believes in compact and easy-to-understand data storage. Therefore, all used and automatically created files are stored inside the local program data storage of Windows (usually "C:\ProgramData\Sohatex\CRIISTAL\").

File/Directory General Content
...\License Installed license files
...\Log Automatically created logfiles
...\Proj Created or imported projects

Program Files

Program and module files on the other hand are stored inside the program directory of CRIISTAL. This is usually "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sohatex\CRIISTAL\".

File/Directory General Content
...\Data The CRIISTAL BackBone and third-party libraries used by modules
...\Mod Installed module files
...\CRIISTAL.exe Main CRIISTAL executable
...\hostid.exe Host-ID generator for licensing