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This module allows to read values from and write values to a variety of National Instruments DAQmx hardware. Its configuration can be opened by clicking the Hardware > DAQmx menu item.

Sampling rates

The NI DAQmx CRIISTAL module works at (max.) 20Hz for analog inputs (except thermocouples that run at 10Hz) and analog outputs. Hardware with a lower maximum sampling rate (for example the NI myDAQ DMM input) will run at that rate.

Hardware List


This is the main configuration window. Here, all connected hardware is listed as installed in the NI Measurement and Automation Explorer. By double-clicking on a hardware, either the #Chassis Configuration or the #Hardware Configuration is opened.

Chassis Configuration


This window lists all detected connected modules in a chassis. After double clicking an item, the Hardware Configuration Window is opened.

Hardware Configuration


This is a hardware configuration window using an NI USB-6003 as example. Both basic information [1] and the pinout [2] of the hardware are shown. The bottom half of the window lists the available (supported) channels, sorted by channel type. Each channel can be configured by double-clicking on it. Doing so opens the channel configuration window.

Channel Configuration


The channel configuration window is used to define which measured channel should be connected to which variable or which variable should be output on which channel.

Therefore, it allows the definition of source/destination variable [1], a description [2], a unit [3] and an error value [4] (if it is an input channel). The error value describes, which value is written into the variable in case of a measurement error.

Some hardware may have additional settings, like in this example the terminal mode of the analog input of the NI USB-6003 [5].

The measured values can be scaled using a polynomial (up to fifth degree) [6] or a lookup-table [7].

Changed settings can be saved using the OK button [8] or discarded using the Cancel button [9] or by closing the window.

Video Tutorial

Compatible Hardware

CRIISTAL supports an increasing number of National Instruments devices for input and output, depending on your license status. To license your copy of CRIISTAL see Licensing.

Currently, the latest version of CRIISTAL supports:

Hardware License
Type Free Licensed Since Version Remarks
USB Devices
NI USB-6000 Yes Yes 1.0b271
NI USB-6001 Yes Yes 1.0b271
NI USB-6002 Yes Yes 1.0b271
NI USB-6003 Yes Yes 1.0b271
NI USB-6008 Yes Yes 1.0b271 No Digital I/O
NI USB-6009 Yes Yes 1.0b271 No Digital I/O
NI myDAQ Yes Yes 1.0b276 No Audio In/Out
NI TC-01 Yes Yes 1.0b271
CompactDAQ Chassis
NI cDAQ-9139 No Yes 1.0b281
NI cDAQ-9136 No Yes 1.1b026
NI cDAQ-9171 No Yes 1.0b271
NI cDAQ-9174 No Yes 1.0b271
NI cDAQ-9178 No Yes 1.0b271
NI cDAQ-9179 No Yes 1.0b271
NI cDAQ-9181 No Yes 1.0b271
NI cDAQ-9184 No Yes 1.0b271
NI cDAQ-9188 No Yes 1.0b271
NI cDAQ-9191 No Yes 1.0b271
C-Series Modules for CompactDAQ
NI 9201 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9203 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9205 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9206 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9207 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9208 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9209 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9211 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9212 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9213 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9214 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9215 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9220 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9221 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9222 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9223 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9225 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9227 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9229 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9235 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9236 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9263 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9264 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9375 No Yes 1.1b026
NI 9401 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9402 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9403 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9411 No Yes 1.0b271
NI 9421 No Yes 1.1b026