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This module provides a time counter that allows you to measure time using defined conditions.

Basic functionality


This is the configuration window for the module, which can be opened by clicking the Calculations > Operation Time Counter menu item.

The "Defined Counters" list [1] shows all currently defined counters.

To add a counter, use the Add button [2]. To remove one, select it and click the Remove button [3].

After adding a counter, the counter name [4], destination variable [5] and count condition can be changed. The destination variable defines the variable where the current count is written to.

In the "Count Condition" field the conditions for the counter are defined. The count condition variable [6] is the variable the counter looks to. The mode [7] allows to choose an operator for the comparison between count condition variable [6] and value [8]. Available operators for the count condition mode [7] are:

Mode Description
< is less than
<= is less than or equal to
> is greater than
>= is greater than or equal to
== is equal to
=/= is not equal to

The LED [9] is active, if the count condition is true. The Current Count [10] shows the current value of the Counter. This value can be reseted to a custom defined value "Reset Value" [12] by pressing the "Reset"-Button [11].

Video Tutorial