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The Project Manager is the first window that will open after launching CRIISTAL or after closing a running project. Its purpose is the management of existing projects and changing settings before starting a project.

Project Manager

The following describes how to create and manage projects in CRIISTAL.

The project manager

[1] lists the currently available projects. By clicking the "Create" button [6], a new window asking for a name for the new project opens. Only characters that are valid for Windows file names are valid. After creating the project, it will be listet in the project list [1]. It can then be loaded and started by clicking the "Select" button [2], or by double-clicking on the project in the project list.

Instead of creating a new project, an already existing one can be copied by clicking the "Copy" button [5]. Again, a new window asking for the name of new copy opens.

Projects can be renamed by clicking the "Rename" button [3] and can be deleted by clicking the "Delete" button [7].

By clicking the "Settings" button [4], the "Project Settings" window can be opened for the currently selected project.

Project Settings

The following describes how to change project settings.

The Project Settings window

The project settings window lists all the loadable [1] and ignored modules [2]. After selecting a module in either list, by clicking the ignore [3]/unignore [4] buttons, the lists can be changed.

The changes can be either saved using the "Save" button [5] or discarded by using the "Cancel" button [6] or simply closing the window.

Note: Without mod_dyngui, no user interface will be loaded and you will not be able to shut down CRIISTAL gracefully!

Project and Module Storage

For details regarding the storage of the project files and modules, please see Filesystem Layout.

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